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New Jersey Lottery
New Jersey Lottery

About The New Jersey Lottery

The New Jersey Lottery is committed to providing revenue-generating entertainment products to help protect the retirement benefits of those who serve our communities, including New Jersey's teachers, police officers, firefighters, and other public employees. We accomplish this through the responsible sale of Lottery products and a dynamic public business enterprise built upon honesty, integrity, customer satisfaction, and private partnerships.

New Jersey Lottery Administration

Key Personnel:

  • James A. Carey, Jr., Executive Director
  • Jerry Guarino, Deputy Executive Director
  • John M. White, Deputy Director, Finance
  • Daniel O'Brien, Deputy Director, Security, Audit and Licensing
  • Missy Gillespie, Communications Manager
  • Ryan S. Schaffer, Deputy Director, Administration and Compliance
  • Margaret Square, Deputy Director, Operations
  • Richard Pagnani, Manager, Information Management Systems
  • Mary Ann Rivell, Public Information Officer, Responsible Play Manager
  • Regina Arcuri, Drawing Manager

The New Jersey Lottery has a staff of approximately 100 employees assigned to seven operational units, including: Administration and Compliance; Finance; Security, Audit, and Licensing; Operations; Broadcast, Media and Drawings, Communications, and Information Management Systems.

The New Jersey Lottery is a division of the Department of Treasury.

Vendor Information

Marketing & Sales: NORTHSTAR New Jersey

Online Vendor: IGT Corporation, Providence, RI