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Extra $5.00 = Big Money - Scratch-Offs Players Received More Than $100.9 Million in Prizes in September

TRENTON (Nov. 14, 2019) – Thomas A. of Pitman in Gloucester County is a steady New Jersey Lottery player. He plays a little bit of everything from draw games to Scratch-Offs for fun. On his way into work, Thomas stopped by his regular retailer to pick up a few things and his lottery tickets for the week. Thomas stated that he normally likes playing the bigger Scratch-Offs, but since he had $5 left over, he bought a High Card Poker ticket. He scratched off all of the tickets while in the store and, to his surprise, the $5 ticket was a big winner! Thomas had just won $150,000 – he said it was “just luck” that he picked that game.


Powerball Jackpot Rolls to $70,000,000 For Saturday’s Drawing

TRENTON (Nov. 14, 2019) – The Powerball jackpot has rolled to $70 million! Although no one won the jackpot in the Nov. 13, drawing, 17,255 New Jersey players took home an estimated $88,691 in prizes ranging from $4 to $200, according to Lottery Acting Executive Director James Carey.